Livestreaming is an amazingly rewarding tool for your business growth, brand recognition, and amplifying your market reach online.

At Slate 48 we have hosted more than 25 live streams with many more upcoming broadcasts planned for the near future. We have been helping content creators in successful livestreaming that highly paid off. In this post, we’d share some streaming tips to help you achieve success-based live show. 

10 Tips to Nail Your Livestream Successfully

Keep a Simple Setup 

The key is to keep it simple. The more items you add, the more risks you’d generate for your livestream. Therefore, for a smooth worry-free broadcast it’s good to keep a simple and solid setup to lower the chances of technical errors.

Have a Backup for your Equipment 

Equipment can fail anytime. While you must invest in reliable gadgets, there are smaller components like cables, lights, or monitors that may elevate the risk factor. Therefore, it’s best to play safe and keep a backup of your gear

Pre Test Everything

Uninterrupted Internet flow with consistent speed is a must for successful live streaming. The rule of thumb is to test your upload speed before the show. This will check and confirm you have consistent bandwidth. If not, your live stream would not be viewable to your viewers. 

Use a backup account to test your live stream. Like create a new Facebook account with no friends added and keep all public notifications private. Test broadcast from that backup account and visit your broadcast as a viewer. This will give you a good eye on the do’s and don’ts of your streaming. 

Invest Extra time in Audio Setup

Most of the time, audio setups doesn’t get much attention it deserves. For a professional broadcast, audio is vital factor after all. Therefore, it’s important to take your time in minimizing room noise, check acoustics, and organize audio settings.

Take Your Prep Time 

For a professional quality broadcast, give yourself more time to prep. You may need extra time to organize everything and be mentally prepared. Allow yourself to calm your nerves and deliver the most outstanding live show. 

Once you are primed with all your pre-show preparations, don’t wait any further to go live. With these tips, you’d look like an expert in live streaming. 

Time it Right

Timing is everything when it comes to creating a lasting impression on your target audience. You must know when to go live to avail best responses. The last thing you’d ever want for your live videos is to schedule a stream when your target viewers would be at work or asleep. So, catch the timing when your audience would love to engage with you and are fully into it. 

Look directly to your camera 

More often, people put up their reference monitors right below the camera. It’s good to keep a check on how is it going, see comments, and check from the audience’s perspective. However, you easily get tempted to look at the reference monitor more than needed. 

To keep it proper, you have to resist the urge and look directly to your camera lens. Try practicing offline by recording small clips and polish your streaming abilities. 

Respond to comments

Livestreaming is all about interacting with your audience. They must enjoy the feeling of being heard and answered –it keeps them glued to your broadcast and boost engagement. 

Have a professional team to monitor your stream

At Slate 48, we not only arrange a professional live streaming setup for you –we also provide complete assistance to provide support while keeping an eye on your broadcast to remove any issues that may came during the show.

Go live to Multiple Platforms

Using more than one platforms is a practical way of multiplying your reach and getting more engagement without much hassle. To make your multi streaming much easier, try using a powerful encoder to avoid overloading your processor. 

Pro-Tip: Be Regular 

Be consistent in going live at the same time regularly. This will help you in building a following.  Consistency in your livestreaming will make it easier to maintain engagement and brand promotion. Irregular timings will make lose your audience’s interest and switch them towards your competitors. 

These basic but extremely important tips can help you nail down your live stream without any error. Broadcast a highly professional livestream and take your business to new highs. You can utilize these simple ways to excel your brand image online. 

Learn more about livestreaming tips from our blog. Need professional help for your next livestream? Slate 48 is here to help, contact us today.