Graduation season is here! While the final exams have been administered and spring break preps are in full swing –the graduation ceremony is what everyone is looking up to. 

As COVID-19 Pandemic has changed how we celebrate this major milestone and now it’s all about social distancing. Despite these, it is still important to push the boat out as graduation is meant to be the most special moment of a student’s life. You can seamlessly livestream graduation ceremony while keeping it the best and safe for everyone.

Slate 48 have the most creative ways to celebrate your new graduates this summer. We have been helping institutions and parents in hosting graduation livestream events successfully and understand the dos and don’ts of it. 

Before live streaming your graduation ceremony, consider checking our tips to how to do it right. 

Top 7 Tips to Create a Hit Livestream of Your Graduation Ceremony

Hire a Professional Live Streaming Service

Just like any other ceremony, there’s a lot of preparation involved. As long as you have professional live streaming team to monitor your setup, equipment, and software –you’d be able to livestream your graduation ceremony with ease. 

For the hors d’oeuvre, keep it simple. To avoid the hassle about the camera views, overlays, or live switching, and captions, contact a live streaming service like Slate 48. A team of livestream professionals can to get you a high-quality setup for your broadcast that can be viewable on any device. 

Assemble the Broadcast Graphics and Content Beforehand

If you’re planning to use graphics that’ll be threaded into your graduation ceremony broadcast –do it in advance please. You can share your views regarding graphics add-ons with your team so that they can do a test-run to ensure the optimization for the stream. 

For the sake of simplicity, it’s better to keep some content pre-recorded. Especially the speeches of the officials that would join from different locations, just in case.

Create an Enjoyable Experience 

With a professional help, you can create a pleasant user experience overall. For a successful event, design your livestream event page like a website. You can create inspiring stories about the graduating batch through videos and photos. Also encourage your graduating class, teachers, and alumni to post content using a specific hashtag so that you can collect the data under the hashtag for graduation slideshows.

Optimize Your Stream for Multiple Devices

Usually graduation ceremonies are planned on weekends, therefore, many of the viewers would watch it on the go. You can expect a huge viewership to be on the smartphones, iPads, tablets, and laptops, and on the old school PCs. So, keeping your graduation live stream optimized for desktop as well as mobile is a must. 

Get Enough Space

You’d surely don’t want to be rushing to set up your equipment at the last minute. For a successful live stream graduation, you need a proper space to stage all your equipment while you broadcast. This include your background setup, cameras, wires, tripods, lights, and other gear. 

Keep it all under one space and at reachable distance since there would be few people around so no need to worry about getting your equipment in the way. 

Schedule and Promote your Live Event in Advance

Promoting your graduation event is as important as the stream itself. Regardless of how much effort you have put in the event, without viewers, your event would be nothing. After getting everything in line, the next thing you have to do is to promote your event by inviting the community, students, educators, family, and friends to watch your graduation stream.  Create a Facebook event page for your ceremony and invite everyone there for better engagement.

Scheduling your stream’s email, social media event pages, and online communication in advance is highly recommended. Of course, you can’t manage it alone. Therefore, hiring a professional live stream service would help you get things done without any hassle. 

Troubleshoot and Test your broadcast’s responsiveness and easy flow 

You can do that by monitoring your test stream on smartphones, desktops, and tablets on multiple OS such as windows and MAC browsers, Android apps, and Apple phones to ensure your graduation live stream is watchable on all the devices your viewers would possibly be using. 

While the countdown to the final day, you should invest a good chunk of your time in testing out your livestream rig. Test every equipment involved to ensure you don’t need to fix something during your broadcast. Your livestream service can help in optimizing your system’s functionality. 

Here are our tips to help you commence a successful livestream of graduation ceremony! 

Want to Get Your Livestream go Viral?

Slate 48 can provide a well-designed graduation livestream that can make your big day more special. We work by your side to make your live broadcast turn into the most watched stream with an extremely enjoyable user experience. Contact us for a custom quote today.