The last year has taken us into a totally unknown world of Pandemic and social distancing. Now that COVID-19 is a part of our lives and upcoming future, businesses are using the livestream to keep up with their brand marketing. 

After pandemic, the livestream marketing experienced growth like never before. The lockdowns propelled us years forward in digital adoption for businesses and consumers. 

With the user-generated video content, telemedicine, social awareness, and TikTok at the forefront –the streaming media gets a broaden landscape as we enter the mid of 2021.

So what’s next for the livestreaming trends for 2021? Take a look at what Slate 48 predicts for this booming industry. 

7 Livestream Trends to Look Forward in 2021

Live Sales through Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram Live

Business with physical products can sell directly through live shows. 

Live selling isn’t a new concept! It’s the most lucrative tool for businesses that already has become a thriving market even before the Pandemic happened. However, after the massive economic shift after 2020, more brands are now reaping benefits of going live for their business growth. 

In 2021, the live shopping is trending so far. It has help recovering the pandemic-driven setbacks by amplifying the sales amidst global economic crisis. This year, more brands are continuing to embrace the livestream sales feature but with more augmented setup. Brands are hiring professional livestream services to get the most out of each live show. With so many benefits of live shopping, businesses may not reconsider the traditional marketing even after everything gets back to normal. 

Building Professional Profile through LinkedIn Live

LinkedIn has recently joined the live party. Being a promising market for professional broadcasts –LinkedIn Livestreams get an absurd 160% increase since last year. This feature has certainly helped people in expanding their professional growth and building personal brand. 

Nevertheless, the Pandemic struck joblessness has caused many to shift their job search towards LinkedIn. To amplify professional branding, this 2021 trend for Livestream is also about showcasing your professional abilities and getting more opportunities for your career growth. 

On the other hand, the companies are using LinkedIn Live to create brand awareness, expand their branding, and promoting their culture as a company. 

Live Fitness Streams for Remote Personal Health

As the gyms and fitness studios shutdown last year –the online fitness videos generated tons of success since Pandemic struck us. The fitness industry quickly shifted to online workouts to keep their customers on track. 

Although, most gyms reopened with strict SOPs application, not everyone convinced to going back. That’s why the live fitness and workout streams are a rise in 2021.

Many gyms and fitness services have integrated livestreaming to recreate personal training experiences. They are now successfully broadcasting exercise regimes from fitness studios to our living rooms. The fitness livestreams are helping to gain huge number of subscriptions and the trend is not going anywhere. 

Purchasable Media and Live Commerce 

The terms describes a combo of livestream and e-commerce. It’s a revolutionary trend in the retail industry. Since these tools are considered a popular monetization method and many brick-and-mortar stores are turning to this trend after 2020. 

However, for 2021, we predict the trend is going to change. 

With social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn already integrated in-app purchasing feature, the long marketing maze traditionally used to convert a viewer into customer will be reduced. 

With live commerce and purchasable media, the span between scrolling, and add-to-cart will be shortened. The contactless shopping experience with reduced hassle will be trending in 2021 through in-app purchases. 

Cloud Gaming Livestreams has a Future

The internet gurus such as Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and Amazon put their hands on the new cloud streaming tech. this feature not only shifted the game processing and computing to cloud-based servers enabling the gamers to play intensively graphic games on low-pressured systems. The gaming livestreams are taking their toll in 2021 for sure. 

This year, we’ll continue to see more gaming livestreams subscription growth. Moving further away from the decades-old single-player storylines with one-time purchases –the gaming livestreams have redefined instant payments setups through cross-play gaming platforms. 

Live Wedding Streams are here to Stay

For the events that require large gatherings are still going to be livestreamed in 2021. 

Livestreaming is the new wedding trend that is helping to get all your loved ones, family, and friends on board while maintain the social distancing. It has become insanely popular way to share the big day with the guests that aren’t able to attend. Couples hire livestreaming specialists to perfectly capture the proceedings while the guests would enjoy with the newlyweds from the comfort of their homes. 

Live Graduation Ceremonies trending in 2021

After COVID-19, the education institutes got really concerned about the safety of students and educators. Then came the online classes’ trend simplifying the education system issues. Afterwards, the graduation ceremonies livestream got a big hit during 2021. 

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