Livestreaming is the Future of growing your Business

Why livestreaming is important for your business growth? Over the years, livestreaming has become the most trending marketing tool to amplify your business reach and grasp your target audience’s attention. It unlocks a new approach for businesses to get more connectivity and responsiveness from their clients. 

With video marketing taking up most of the digital space where potential customers are looking for authentic brands, livestreaming is becoming significant to create real-time connections with your target market. 

Many businesses are already reaping benefits through this opportunity and Slate 48 is no exception. 

We have been helping brands in successful broadcasting and going live on multiple platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Twitter, and more. 

Here’s what we’ve discovered so far while producing live @Slate_48 so far.

Slate 48 take on Why Livestreaming is the Future of Business Marketing

The most Raw and Fastest Marketing Tool

It’s Pandemic and the right time for live video marketing. Live streaming is providing unlimited growth opportunities for your business through social platforms. That’s why it’s becoming the most popular and lucrative marketing tool that’s going to stay here for long. 

The internet era is fast. People want to watch and interact with relatable content where brands showcase their life challenges with solutions. If your brand can solve people’s problems, your business can become a part of their life. 

Furthermore, the strategy of curating perfect and formal content is fading out due to those ‘made-up to sell’ content and overly-done aesthetics. People are not interested and rejecting such marketing tactics. 

That’s where livestreaming comes in! It gives the brands a chance to show their ‘human’ side with real-time experiences by showing their story in a realistic and authentic manner. 

You can show real experiences and testimonials of regular people –not the paid celebs. And this attracts the leads more. 

Livestreaming has all the converting features. It’s raw, and fastest marketing technique that can give instant insights to how your leads are interacting and engaging with you. Showcasing your brand story on live videos can convert a viewer into a potential customer. 

Reap More for Less

All you need to spill the beans is an internet connection and professional support. It is much cost-effective than other marketing resources. 

On a normal route, marketing a new product campaign would potentially cost a fortune in terms of TV commercials, and ad spaces. While live streams can cover more than all those resources in just a fraction of the cost. 

Similarly, instead of organizing an extravagant product launch event with all the risks involved –brands can do a live broadcast that requires a very basic setup with proper tech support. The cost would still be minimal as compared to a full-blown launch event. It’s easily doable for SMEs, startups, and big businesses.

With livestreaming, brands can create a grip on their target market by getting more engagement and reaching more audiences than any other marketing resource. 

Amplify Branding by Raising Awareness

Livestreaming can project your business vision better than any other medium. Whether it’s short announcements, product awareness, and audience interactions, or longer shows –the higher viewership rates bring openings for multiple video formats. 

With all that’s real and quirks, live broadcasting can help in raising your brand awareness while transforming your brand ambassadors into on-screen celebrities. 

When you become a regular with livestreaming, your brand will be easily recognized at trade shows and other business events. 

This also helps in enhancing brand loyalty along with brand awareness. 

Build and Strengthens Brand Trust

The last thing businesses want is getting disappeared into the dense market horde. That’s why they need to stand out by creating an active social media presence, developing personas, and building a large community for leads and customers. 

Livestreaming is helping you in standing out. With an unedited, uninterrupted approach, you can tell your brand story while taking the audience behind the scenes. The viewers can get a feeling of connectivity with your brand because they see the process and relate themselves with your brand story.    

Livestreaming is the future of business marketing, indeed! With all these remarkable solutions provided by this budget-friendly marketing tool, you can take your brand to new highs for sure. 

Want to learn more about professional broadcast support and business video marketing? Contact us to get livestreaming backup for your next campaign. 

Livestream Trends for 2021

The last year has taken us into a totally unknown world of Pandemic and social distancing. Now that COVID-19 is a part of our lives and upcoming future, businesses are using the livestream to keep up with their brand marketing. 

After pandemic, the livestream marketing experienced growth like never before. The lockdowns propelled us years forward in digital adoption for businesses and consumers. 

With the user-generated video content, telemedicine, social awareness, and TikTok at the forefront –the streaming media gets a broaden landscape as we enter the mid of 2021.

So what’s next for the livestreaming trends for 2021? Take a look at what Slate 48 predicts for this booming industry. 

7 Livestream Trends to Look Forward in 2021

Live Sales through Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram Live

Business with physical products can sell directly through live shows. 

Live selling isn’t a new concept! It’s the most lucrative tool for businesses that already has become a thriving market even before the Pandemic happened. However, after the massive economic shift after 2020, more brands are now reaping benefits of going live for their business growth. 

In 2021, the live shopping is trending so far. It has help recovering the pandemic-driven setbacks by amplifying the sales amidst global economic crisis. This year, more brands are continuing to embrace the livestream sales feature but with more augmented setup. Brands are hiring professional livestream services to get the most out of each live show. With so many benefits of live shopping, businesses may not reconsider the traditional marketing even after everything gets back to normal. 

Building Professional Profile through LinkedIn Live

LinkedIn has recently joined the live party. Being a promising market for professional broadcasts –LinkedIn Livestreams get an absurd 160% increase since last year. This feature has certainly helped people in expanding their professional growth and building personal brand. 

Nevertheless, the Pandemic struck joblessness has caused many to shift their job search towards LinkedIn. To amplify professional branding, this 2021 trend for Livestream is also about showcasing your professional abilities and getting more opportunities for your career growth. 

On the other hand, the companies are using LinkedIn Live to create brand awareness, expand their branding, and promoting their culture as a company. 

Live Fitness Streams for Remote Personal Health

As the gyms and fitness studios shutdown last year –the online fitness videos generated tons of success since Pandemic struck us. The fitness industry quickly shifted to online workouts to keep their customers on track. 

Although, most gyms reopened with strict SOPs application, not everyone convinced to going back. That’s why the live fitness and workout streams are a rise in 2021.

Many gyms and fitness services have integrated livestreaming to recreate personal training experiences. They are now successfully broadcasting exercise regimes from fitness studios to our living rooms. The fitness livestreams are helping to gain huge number of subscriptions and the trend is not going anywhere. 

Purchasable Media and Live Commerce 

The terms describes a combo of livestream and e-commerce. It’s a revolutionary trend in the retail industry. Since these tools are considered a popular monetization method and many brick-and-mortar stores are turning to this trend after 2020. 

However, for 2021, we predict the trend is going to change. 

With social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn already integrated in-app purchasing feature, the long marketing maze traditionally used to convert a viewer into customer will be reduced. 

With live commerce and purchasable media, the span between scrolling, and add-to-cart will be shortened. The contactless shopping experience with reduced hassle will be trending in 2021 through in-app purchases. 

Cloud Gaming Livestreams has a Future

The internet gurus such as Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and Amazon put their hands on the new cloud streaming tech. this feature not only shifted the game processing and computing to cloud-based servers enabling the gamers to play intensively graphic games on low-pressured systems. The gaming livestreams are taking their toll in 2021 for sure. 

This year, we’ll continue to see more gaming livestreams subscription growth. Moving further away from the decades-old single-player storylines with one-time purchases –the gaming livestreams have redefined instant payments setups through cross-play gaming platforms. 

Live Wedding Streams are here to Stay

For the events that require large gatherings are still going to be livestreamed in 2021. 

Livestreaming is the new wedding trend that is helping to get all your loved ones, family, and friends on board while maintain the social distancing. It has become insanely popular way to share the big day with the guests that aren’t able to attend. Couples hire livestreaming specialists to perfectly capture the proceedings while the guests would enjoy with the newlyweds from the comfort of their homes. 

Live Graduation Ceremonies trending in 2021

After COVID-19, the education institutes got really concerned about the safety of students and educators. Then came the online classes’ trend simplifying the education system issues. Afterwards, the graduation ceremonies livestream got a big hit during 2021. 

Slate 48 provides SSaas (Streaming support as a service) that simplifies the livestreaming process for all your events and business marketing. For exclusive offers and livestreaming tips, check our blog and social media.

Ready to go live with Slate 48? We are here to help you go live and viral with your successful broadcasts. Contact us for more. 

Tips for Successful Livestream Graduation Ceremony

Graduation season is here! While the final exams have been administered and spring break preps are in full swing –the graduation ceremony is what everyone is looking up to. 

As COVID-19 Pandemic has changed how we celebrate this major milestone and now it’s all about social distancing. Despite these, it is still important to push the boat out as graduation is meant to be the most special moment of a student’s life. You can seamlessly livestream graduation ceremony while keeping it the best and safe for everyone.

Slate 48 have the most creative ways to celebrate your new graduates this summer. We have been helping institutions and parents in hosting graduation livestream events successfully and understand the dos and don’ts of it. 

Before live streaming your graduation ceremony, consider checking our tips to how to do it right. 

Top 7 Tips to Create a Hit Livestream of Your Graduation Ceremony

Hire a Professional Live Streaming Service

Just like any other ceremony, there’s a lot of preparation involved. As long as you have professional live streaming team to monitor your setup, equipment, and software –you’d be able to livestream your graduation ceremony with ease. 

For the hors d’oeuvre, keep it simple. To avoid the hassle about the camera views, overlays, or live switching, and captions, contact a live streaming service like Slate 48. A team of livestream professionals can to get you a high-quality setup for your broadcast that can be viewable on any device. 

Assemble the Broadcast Graphics and Content Beforehand

If you’re planning to use graphics that’ll be threaded into your graduation ceremony broadcast –do it in advance please. You can share your views regarding graphics add-ons with your team so that they can do a test-run to ensure the optimization for the stream. 

For the sake of simplicity, it’s better to keep some content pre-recorded. Especially the speeches of the officials that would join from different locations, just in case.

Create an Enjoyable Experience 

With a professional help, you can create a pleasant user experience overall. For a successful event, design your livestream event page like a website. You can create inspiring stories about the graduating batch through videos and photos. Also encourage your graduating class, teachers, and alumni to post content using a specific hashtag so that you can collect the data under the hashtag for graduation slideshows.

Optimize Your Stream for Multiple Devices

Usually graduation ceremonies are planned on weekends, therefore, many of the viewers would watch it on the go. You can expect a huge viewership to be on the smartphones, iPads, tablets, and laptops, and on the old school PCs. So, keeping your graduation live stream optimized for desktop as well as mobile is a must. 

Get Enough Space

You’d surely don’t want to be rushing to set up your equipment at the last minute. For a successful live stream graduation, you need a proper space to stage all your equipment while you broadcast. This include your background setup, cameras, wires, tripods, lights, and other gear. 

Keep it all under one space and at reachable distance since there would be few people around so no need to worry about getting your equipment in the way. 

Schedule and Promote your Live Event in Advance

Promoting your graduation event is as important as the stream itself. Regardless of how much effort you have put in the event, without viewers, your event would be nothing. After getting everything in line, the next thing you have to do is to promote your event by inviting the community, students, educators, family, and friends to watch your graduation stream.  Create a Facebook event page for your ceremony and invite everyone there for better engagement.

Scheduling your stream’s email, social media event pages, and online communication in advance is highly recommended. Of course, you can’t manage it alone. Therefore, hiring a professional live stream service would help you get things done without any hassle. 

Troubleshoot and Test your broadcast’s responsiveness and easy flow 

You can do that by monitoring your test stream on smartphones, desktops, and tablets on multiple OS such as windows and MAC browsers, Android apps, and Apple phones to ensure your graduation live stream is watchable on all the devices your viewers would possibly be using. 

While the countdown to the final day, you should invest a good chunk of your time in testing out your livestream rig. Test every equipment involved to ensure you don’t need to fix something during your broadcast. Your livestream service can help in optimizing your system’s functionality. 

Here are our tips to help you commence a successful livestream of graduation ceremony! 

Want to Get Your Livestream go Viral?

Slate 48 can provide a well-designed graduation livestream that can make your big day more special. We work by your side to make your live broadcast turn into the most watched stream with an extremely enjoyable user experience. Contact us for a custom quote today. 

Top 10 tips to Livestream your Event

Livestreaming is an amazingly rewarding tool for your business growth, brand recognition, and amplifying your market reach online.

At Slate 48 we have hosted more than 25 live streams with many more upcoming broadcasts planned for the near future. We have been helping content creators in successful livestreaming that highly paid off. In this post, we’d share some streaming tips to help you achieve success-based live show. 

10 Tips to Nail Your Livestream Successfully

Keep a Simple Setup 

The key is to keep it simple. The more items you add, the more risks you’d generate for your livestream. Therefore, for a smooth worry-free broadcast it’s good to keep a simple and solid setup to lower the chances of technical errors.

Have a Backup for your Equipment 

Equipment can fail anytime. While you must invest in reliable gadgets, there are smaller components like cables, lights, or monitors that may elevate the risk factor. Therefore, it’s best to play safe and keep a backup of your gear

Pre Test Everything

Uninterrupted Internet flow with consistent speed is a must for successful live streaming. The rule of thumb is to test your upload speed before the show. This will check and confirm you have consistent bandwidth. If not, your live stream would not be viewable to your viewers. 

Use a backup account to test your live stream. Like create a new Facebook account with no friends added and keep all public notifications private. Test broadcast from that backup account and visit your broadcast as a viewer. This will give you a good eye on the do’s and don’ts of your streaming. 

Invest Extra time in Audio Setup

Most of the time, audio setups doesn’t get much attention it deserves. For a professional broadcast, audio is vital factor after all. Therefore, it’s important to take your time in minimizing room noise, check acoustics, and organize audio settings.

Take Your Prep Time 

For a professional quality broadcast, give yourself more time to prep. You may need extra time to organize everything and be mentally prepared. Allow yourself to calm your nerves and deliver the most outstanding live show. 

Once you are primed with all your pre-show preparations, don’t wait any further to go live. With these tips, you’d look like an expert in live streaming. 

Time it Right

Timing is everything when it comes to creating a lasting impression on your target audience. You must know when to go live to avail best responses. The last thing you’d ever want for your live videos is to schedule a stream when your target viewers would be at work or asleep. So, catch the timing when your audience would love to engage with you and are fully into it. 

Look directly to your camera 

More often, people put up their reference monitors right below the camera. It’s good to keep a check on how is it going, see comments, and check from the audience’s perspective. However, you easily get tempted to look at the reference monitor more than needed. 

To keep it proper, you have to resist the urge and look directly to your camera lens. Try practicing offline by recording small clips and polish your streaming abilities. 

Respond to comments

Livestreaming is all about interacting with your audience. They must enjoy the feeling of being heard and answered –it keeps them glued to your broadcast and boost engagement. 

Have a professional team to monitor your stream

At Slate 48, we not only arrange a professional live streaming setup for you –we also provide complete assistance to provide support while keeping an eye on your broadcast to remove any issues that may came during the show.

Go live to Multiple Platforms

Using more than one platforms is a practical way of multiplying your reach and getting more engagement without much hassle. To make your multi streaming much easier, try using a powerful encoder to avoid overloading your processor. 

Pro-Tip: Be Regular 

Be consistent in going live at the same time regularly. This will help you in building a following.  Consistency in your livestreaming will make it easier to maintain engagement and brand promotion. Irregular timings will make lose your audience’s interest and switch them towards your competitors. 

These basic but extremely important tips can help you nail down your live stream without any error. Broadcast a highly professional livestream and take your business to new highs. You can utilize these simple ways to excel your brand image online. 

Learn more about livestreaming tips from our blog. Need professional help for your next livestream? Slate 48 is here to help, contact us today.